Rumah 91 – Lounge & Bar

Rumah 91 is a new bar & lounge brand in Akmani Hotel Indonesia, before we re branding the name with Rumah 91, they use the to be known by the name Terraza Bianco.

We have won the privilege to Re-branding the whole interior design with the new concept that we propose.

Our field of work :

  • Concept mood board
  • Problem analisys
  • 3D visual implementation
  • Construction building and Interior fit out
  • Inventing new logo and branding management services (including all the promo tools material such as Menu, Promo add, Uniform).

Client : Hotel Akmani
Date : March 2012
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Rumah 91_Dining Area 2
Rumah 91_Breakfast Area
Rumah 91_Secret Entrance
Rumah 91_Living room
Rumah 91_Living room 2
Rumah 91_DJ area
Rumah 91_Bathroom
Rumah 91_Bathroom 2
Rumah 91_Bar 1
Rumah 91_Bar 2
Rumah 91_Bar 3
Rumah 91_Dining Area